SPACE STATION CENTAUR is a correspondence chapter based in the UK. We meet on Facebook and at events across the UK.


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The Centaur Academy

Yes, we even have our very own Academy on Space Station Centaur. It's only small at the moment, but with new courses being developed, it will grow. To apply for the course, please click HERE.
  • Please allow seven days for the marking of papers.
  • Examination passes may be posted in the Jupiter Lounge. If you would rather not have your passes publicised, pleae let the examiner know. (Non-passes will not be publicised and you can always retake the exam at a later date.) 

Thank you.

COE: Centaur Officer Exam

Centaur Officer Examination
Within the fictional world of Star Trek, officers are those that went to the Academy and studied to become an officer before being assigned to a posting aboard a ship/space station etc., while enlisted crew were those that joined Starfleet without attending the Academy (like Miles O'Brien and Janice Rand, for example). Within Centaur, to join the Officer ranks, you need to have completed the COE (CENTAUR OFFICER EXAM), but don't worry, it's not difficult. All of the answers to the questions can be found in the handbook or on the website.

VUL: Vulcan Academy

The Vulcan Academy course covers the Vulcan star system, its history, people and culture. A comprehensive manual is available to help you along the way, too. There are three exams in total:
  • VUL-1: The Planet & Evolutionary History
  • VUL-2: The Vulcan People & Culture
  • VUL-3: The Vulcan Biology & Psychology

CAD: Cadet Academy Courses

We also have a number of courses designed for our Cadets. There are Junior exams and Senior ones. Junior exams are usually for those aged 9 and under while Senior are for those aged 10 and over. However, this isn't set in stone because we recognise that children are not all the same.
The Original Series
CAD-TOS-J: The Original Series (Junior Paper)
The Next GenerationCAD-TNG-J: The Next Generation (Junior Paper)
Deep Space 9CAD-DS9-J: Deep Space 9 (Junior Paper)
VoyagerCAD-VOY-J: Star Trek: Voyager (Junior Paper)
EnterpriseCAD-ENT-J: Star Trek: Enterprise (Junior Paper)

More courses are on the way ...

The Academy is new but more courses will be added over time, so watch this space!

Tips for completing adult courses ...

  • Check the number of points available for each question. A one-point question will only require a short answer. A two-point question will be looking for two salient pieces of information.
  • Avoid multiple answers to a question as that will mean that one (or more) of your answers is wrong. It will therefore be marked as wrong. If you are unsure which of your answers is correct, pick one, but don't offer both answers.
  • While you can copy and paste answers from the manuals, be sure to only copy and paste the relevant bits. The examiner should not have to search your answer to see if the correct response is in there somewhere. Try to keep your responses short, and be sure that your answer responds to the question asked succinctly.
  • Make sure you have put your name on your response sheet.
  • Responses do not need to have all the questions typed on them, but do make sure that you answers are correctly numbered against the questions.