SPACE STATION CENTAUR is a correspondence chapter based in the UK. We meet on Facebook and at events across the UK.


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Centaur Village

Space Station Centaur isn't just a quick stopover. It's a little world in its own right with shops and restaurants of all ilk.

Cwantum's Curiosity

CAPT Tony Burr
Run by our Head of Research & Development, Captain Tony Burr, CWANTUM'S CURIOSITY is stocked with his "curiosities". He creates shapes to help us understand science on a Cwantum level and is particularly proud of his Equilateral Dodecahedral Geometries, including his famous Cosmic Egg.

Sweet Sensations

Laura and Mags

Run by two of our civilian members, SWEET SENSATIONS is bound to have something to satisfy every sweet tooth, from the humble mint humbug to the Denobulan toffee.

A Little Taste of Home

Pat and Mandy
A super little caf offering all sorts of delights from across the quadrant. So if you are yearning for a Denobulan cheesecake, a slice of traditional Yorkshire lardy cake or a slice of Betazoid chocolate gateau, this is the place to come. The raktajino is perfectly prepared, and the Earl Grey flawlessly brewed.

Recall Security

Keith Hoskins
For the VIPs visiting the station, or the traders with goods to sell; whether you are visiting the station for business or pleasure, should you be in need of private security services, Recall Security can help. We offer a personal service with friendly staff who will escort you about the station, ensure you don't get diddled by any unscrupulous traders and show you all the best places to visit.

The Dino Pens

Kevin 'Hightower' Baker
Not a shop as such, but the Dino Pens are well worth a visit. Here you can see (and sometimes pet), Jenny the raptor. Under the care of Hightower, Jenny is an Utahraptor and although her species is of a vicious raptor, she has been hand-reared and likes to be stroked under the chin. She loves the traditional sausage rolls that are available from "A Little Taste of Home" and doesn't mind the odd truffle either.