SPACE STATION CENTAUR is a correspondence chapter based in the UK. We meet on Facebook and at events across the UK.
Part of Starfleet, Sol Sector Command (SSSC).

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Docked Vessels

Being a space station as apposed to a spaceship might sound rather restrictive but, in fact, it means we have more fun. We e are blessed with lots of visitors. Some stay just a few hours, other stay for months at a time. A few of them favour us by making Centaur their home. Here are just some of the vessels that have docked with us ...


Owned by CAPT Anni Potts

THE GOLDEN SLIME is an old Ferengi vessel. Acquired as the ill-gotten gains of a tonga game, she can accommodate a crew of about thirty, and while she may be old, she has been completely refurbished and boasts a very special piece of equipment.

A little over a year ago, the commanding officer was given a package to look after by a Section 31 operative. However, the operative never returned for the package, and despite desperate attempts to get Section 31 to take ownership of it, it has remained unclaimed. Eventually, as you would expect of any scientist, curiosity got the better of Anni and she opened the package. Inside was the most curious device that turned out to be ... a jump drive!

Obviously everything is experimental, but the drive allows the GOLDEN SLIME to travel through time and space and, thus, adventures abound.


Owned by PO3 Emma Filtness

I have a little two-person fighter docked, similar to a TIE fighter from Star Wars that I have modified accordingly, but is ready to spring into action at any moment. I bought her off a trader to make my way from my former ship to the Centaur as well as do some astro-navigation of my own in between. Any name suggestions are more than welcome, but I was thinking of naming her Bobby after a dearly departed childhood pet.


Owned by LCDR Sarahleigh Richardson

A galaxy class starship, she is a medical research vessel permanently assigned to Centaur. LCDR Richardson often takes her out on missions of mercy and exploration.


Commanded by CAPT John Hardy

A Constitution-class starship which underwent a complete refit, the USS Glenn Miller is a SSSC vessel also in our Fleet.


Commanded by CDR sInra Kon'n Reshtarc

A K'T'inga Class Battle Cruiser, (a D7), the Commander regularly docks here. (Personally, I think he's a bit addicted to the cream puffs from  "A Little Taste of Home".)