SPACE STATION CENTAUR is a correspondence chapter based in the UK. We meet on Facebook and at events across the UK.


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Docked Vessels (Links)

Being a space station as apposed to a spaceship might sound rather restrictive but, in fact, it means we have more fun. We are blessed with lots of visitors. Some stay just a few hours, other stay for months at a time. A few of them favour us by making Centaur their home. Here are just some of the vessels and groups that have docked with us ...

Starbase 24

Commanded by FADM James Mackenzie & ADM Charlotte Kehlan Kebbell
Starbase 24 is a completely not for profit organisation who organise the Starfleet Klingon Banquet each year. Usually taking place at the end of September in Peterborough, it is one of Centaur's official meets and always great fun—an event organised by fans for the fans.

USS Glenn Miller

Commanded by CAPT John Hardy
The USS Glenn Miller, NCC 1944 based in Essex is a Science and Astro-mapping vessel who love the sciences, enjoy watching films, reading and have a rather diverse base of sci-fi interests… anything and everything from Dr Who to Honor Harrington, to Orville and Star Trek Discovery and of course the music of Glenn Miller!

SS Independent

Commanded by CAPT Martin Strang
We are a correspondence chapter with members from UK, Italy, USA, Japan and have been in service since April 17. We interact via messenger, social media and email and meet up for events such as bowling. We also have our newsletter called the Rogue Tribble. We have epsiode evenings where we watch from our own homes and comment on Messenger.

USS Roddenberry

Commanded by CAPT John Robertson
The USS Roddenberry, NCC-1918, is a non-profit and Star Trek fan club based in Nottingham who also love to Cosplay Star Wars.

USS Iceni

Commanded by Matthew Bergin
We've raised money for charity, met up at conventions, watched films together, chatted online (but to name a few things) and always try to have fun in whatever we are doing.

Other Organisations


A fantastic and intense 3-day social experience that has a unique atmosphere generated by our many enthusiastic attendees. Now in its 24th year.