SPACE STATION CENTAUR is a correspondence chapter based in the UK. We meet on Facebook and at events across the UK.


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While SPACE STATION CENTAUR is primarily a correspondence chapter, it is nice to get together so our members often try to 'bump' into each other at conventions etc for a glass of Romulan ale or blood wine. We also arrange a special events from time to time and have one arranged in 2019 which incorporates a trip on the Severn Valley Railway. Below are just a few pics of our members betting together.

Starbase 24 Starfleet/Klingon Banquet

28th--29th September 2018
It was great to meet up with the crew again at the Starbase 24 Banquet. With a Harry Potter theme on the Friday night and DS9 on Saturday, we all had great fun.


July 2018

A nice little mini-meet in Ironbridge where a small number of us enjoyed an evening meal and chatter on all manner of topics.

EM-Con Nottingham 18

5th- 6th May 2018

Another super superb  opportunity for some of the Centuarians to meet up and say hi!

Out Of The Ashes Reunion Party

7th April 2018
Our second meet of the year saw us taking advantage of the "Out of the Ashes Reunion" in Telford, where we met up with so many old friends from all over the UK to celebrate and have fun. One of the highlights of the evening was probably when our very own Holly honoured us with a bellydance!

Commissioning Party, Coventry

26th-27th January 2018
This time we invaded the fair city of Coventry. Hosted by Kevin 'Hightower' Baker, we met up on the Friday afternoon/evening for pub dining and a pint. Saturday, our host guided us through a rather drizzly Coventry to the Coventry Transport Museum (home of some of the best cars and buses in the UK) and lunch at The Harvester.

Klingon Banquet

22nd-23rd September 2017
Always a fun event, Space Station Centaur has some very close links with Starbase 24 so it was only natural that many of us would get together at the event. If you are looking for a fun, fan-organised event to meet people who love sci-fi, then this is the event for you. You do not need to be a member of Centaur or Starbase 24 to attend as is it is open to all.

Launch Party

15th-16th September 2017

We met on the Friday evening for pub dining and a jolly good natter, which lasted well into the night (until the pub staff asked if they could go home), and then spent the Saturday at the Leicester Space Centre. Much to our delight, we found a tribute to Gerry Anderson was taking place and made lots of new friends with the people from C21.