SPACE STATION CENTAUR is a correspondence chapter based in the UK. We meet on Facebook and at events across the UK.


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Quartermaster's Stores

Members of Space Station Centaur can buy a range of custom made goodies from our Quartermaster's Stores. We regret that we can only sell to our members but as membership is free and easy, this shouldn't pose too much of a problem.

All prices are quoted with P&P for a single item but discounts on postage are available for mutliple purchases, so please do enquire. To order, simply complete our on-line ORDER FORM . You will then you will be emailed a confirmation order summary and payment details. Thank you.

Woven Patches

Woven Patches

These high quality woven patches are 75mm in diameter and perfect for applying to T-shirts, caps, bags etc.
UK inc P&P = 4.50

Europe inc P&P = 5.50

USA inc P&P = 6.25
Embroidered patches

Embroidered Patches

For that extra bit of class, the 80mm embroidered patch is perfect. It can also be applied to T-shirts, caps, bags etc.
UK inc P&P = 5.50

Europe inc P&P = 6.50

USA inc P&P = 7.25

Comm Badges

No uniform would be complete without a comm badge. The Centaur comm badge is made from high quality materialsan all metal badge in two-tone with two butterfly clips at the back to keep it secure and level.It measures approximately 55mm x 45mm.
UK inc P&P = 13.00

Europe inc P&P = 15.00

USA inc P&P = 15.50