SPACE STATION CENTAUR is a correspondence chapter based in the UK. We meet on Facebook and at events across the UK.

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Starfleet, Sol Sector Command

Starfleet, Sol Sector is an international Star Trek fan club currently operating in two Zones:

  • Zone 1: North America and
  • Zone 2: Europe.

Those zones are then further divided into sub-sectors or Fleets of which there are four. We reside within the First Fleet, which covers Iceland, Ireland and the United Kingdom. The Commander of this Fleet also happens to be the Commanding Officer of the Centaur.

A Message from Starfleet, Sol Sector

Welcome to Starfleet, Sol Sector Command. The newest and what we hope will be the most exciting Star Trek fan club you will ever enjoy. Starfleet, Sol Sector Command is a committed group of fans that have elected to create the ultimate fan experience. We do not charge a membership fee and we have zero tolerance policy for bullies and other dramatics. We are committed to having fandom be synonymous with FUN.

Each chapter essentially serves as its own entity reporting to the Fleet Chief of Operations. Using means such as social media and networking sites, SSSC connects Star Trek fans for the purpose of locating vendors, costuming, convention meet-ups and simply keeping Gene Roddenberry’s dream of a better future alive for generations to come. By networking in this way, fans can more locate other fans in their areas, and attend meetings and functions as part of larger groups. It also gives the license holders a more defined reason to carry on creating shows, movies and other media for us to enjoy.

The Command Council of five members carries out the day to day affairs of SSSC so that chapters can simply concentrate on being chapters. SSSC do not 'micromanage' chapters, but encourage Trekkers to play happily! We demand that all members conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the highest morals of Starfleet Officers and people of good conscience, to represent this organisation professionally at all times. Apart from that, the rules are simple …

Have fun, Trek hard and … live long and prosper!

Facebook Groups:

In addition to our own pages, Sol has lots of groups on Facebook too ...

Starfleet, Sol Sector Command

The public page of Sol Sector that anybody can join regardless of their membership to Sol Sector or not.

Zone 2, First Fleet (UK, Ireland and Iceland)

Member only page for crew in the UK, Ireland and Iceland. A great place to touch base with fellow members and chat about all things Trek and sci-fi.

Starfleet, Sol Sector Operations

Member only page. The central hub where all the chapters go (regardless of Zone) to share goings on, request launch status and begin their adventures! This is the place where we share the Fleet's activities and get club business announced.

Engineering and Technology Division, Starfleet Sol Sector Command

This is the Engineering and Technology Division page for the Starfleet Sol Sector Command Star Trek Fan Club. This page handles all of the discussion pertaining to starship design, propulsion, construction and so on.

Starfleet Sol Sector Command, Medical Services Division

This is the home facebook page of Starfleet, Sol Sector Command's Medical Services Division. All things Star Trek inspired medical and biologic are found here as are their fans! Break out those dermal re-generators and anabolic protoplasers!

Science and Research Division, Starfleet Sol Sector Command

We envision a fleet of Scientific Vessels exploring the galaxy who report to Starfleet, but operate autonomously, where each scientific ship reports directly to the Science and Research Division. The Director of this department shall serve at no less than the rank of Rear Admiral and will employ an assistant director with the minimum rank of Captain. The Director may employ as many members to the cabinet as he/she deems necessary.

Federation Security Forces, Sol Sector Command

This is the home page for our Security Forces folk who enjoy the part of the Fleet that is seen in Trek-verse as handling business on away teams.

Fleet Quartermaster, A division of Starfleet Sol Sector Command

The Fleet Quartermaster is now prepared and fully stocked to prepare YOU! This is a place for our extended Trek family to trade goods, services, memorabilia, uniforms, pins, patches and whatever other Trek related goods you can imagine!

The handbook for SSSC can be found in the LIBRARY section of our website.