SPACE STATION CENTAUR is a correspondence chapter based in the UK. We meet on Facebook and at events across the UK.


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The Watchtower-class station is a typical 23rd century Federation design. However, CENTAUR has been adapted for purpose as a Science and Medical Station. It has a saucer-shaped primary hull, with a central command tower, sat atop a secondary hull which houses cargo bays and maintenance sections. Circling the core about half-way down is an external docking wheel, and at the bottom is the energy reactor housing and multi-spectrum array.
  • Height: 921 meters
  • Width: 849 meters
  • Standard crew complement: 2,400
  • Standard duty shift complement: 800
  • Standard guest capacity: 1,200
  • Emergency guest capacity: 61,500
  • Power source: Mark IX matter/antimatter reactor
  • Defences: deflector shields
  • Armaments: 12 phaser/photon torpedo emplacements


Command Tower

The command tower houses shuttle bays accessible through four pairs of equidistant space doors, a staff facilites, offices
and the operations centre.

Primary Hull

The primary hull contains four main docking bays in its space dock, each large enough to service a Constitution-class star ship. Above the space dock is a terrestrial enclosure encircling a residential tower. Below are our extensive science and medical facilities, crew quarters, the computer core and four deuterium fuelling tanks. The external hull houses four manoeuvring thrusters, 128 lifeboat ports, six phaser/photon torpedo emplacements, and four shuttle bay access points.

Secondary Hull

The upper secondary hull is made up of cargo and maintenance facilities, and supports the external docking wheel. The lower hull comprises the energy reactor and the rotatable mount for the multi-spectrum array. Six phaser/photon torpedo emplacements are equally spaced around the energy reactor housing.

Vessel Interior

CENTAUR is a space station specifically designed for medical and scientific researchers. With its extensive range of facilities, many medics and scientists come to us from all over the quadrant.

Note the large arboretum in the Primary Hull where we have a number of researchers working with both botanical and zoological projects. Please be aware that there is a restricted area in this section where our resident palaeontologist has a number of specimens in secure areas. Due to the nature of these beasts, they are secured by physical, mechanical and electronic means.

Here, you will also find Centaur village. Complete with shops, restaurants, bars and other eateries, it's an ideal place to relax during your stay with us.

Top and Lower Views



THE GOLDEN SLIME is the commanding officer's personal vessel. An old Ferengi vessel, it was acquired as the ill-gotten gains of a tonga game. She can accommodate a crew of about thirty, and while she may be old, she has been completely refurbished and boasts a very special piece of equipment.

A little over a year ago, the commanding officer was given a package to look after by a Section 31 operative. However, the operative never returned for the package, and despite desperate attempts to get Section 31 to take ownership of it, it has remained unclaimed. Eventually, as you would expect of any scientist, curiosity got the better of Anni and she opened the package. Inside was the most curious device that turned out to be ... a jump drive!

Obviously everything is experimental, but the drive allows the GOLDEN SLIME to travel through time and space and, thus, adventures abound.