SPACE STATION CENTAUR is a correspondence chapter based in the UK. We meet on Facebook and at events across the UK.
Part of Starfleet, Sol Sector Command (SSSC).

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The Command Team

Commanding Officer

CAPT Anni 'Zig Potts
To contact the commanding officer, please eMail co at
"I joined my first Trek club in 2012 having been nagged into it by a friend in the States. I had no idea what lay ahead of me: how many people I would meet and new friends that I would make. It's been wonderful!"

First Officer

CMDR Colin Barrow

"After going to Destination Star Trek London in October 2012, I decided to join a Trek club. I got to meet new people and make new friends, attend events like The Starbase 24 Banquet, where I met like minded people and made even more friends."

Second Officer

LCDR Erika Stroem
"I joined a Trek club in 2015. Initially I won a year’s subscription in a raffle, but as I enjoyed myself so much and made lots of new friend, I am now on my third year. We even meet up at conventions around the country and have a fantastic time. I love it!"

The Senior Team

This consists of the Command Team plus up to two other members of the chapter who are department heads. The Senior Team discusses all non-sensitive matters relating to the chapter and helps decide such things as what merchandise to offer the crew and which events would be good to recommend etc. The two heads currently are:

Head of Research & Development

CAPT Tony Burr
"Jolan tru, in an attempt to bring the understanding and technology of the Romulan Artificial Gravity Well to the Federation, I have accepted a transfer to the Command Team and accepted the assignment of Head of Research and Development on the Centaur."


LTJG Tarin Teague
"Need 20th century attire for your next temporal away mission? Found that your shuttle is running low on its ration supply? Or is your phaser malfunctioning and needing replacement? Whatever supplies you need, come see me. I am often found in one of the cargo bays but I can be anywhere in the ship as resources are needed in every department and I'm in charge of allocation. I also have a knack for holo-technology and can assist with product testing when needed. Oh, and I like cats."

Messages from some of the crew ...

Head of Comms

CPO Holly Bowler
Holly is responsible for our fantastic newsletter which can be found in the LIBRARY.
"In August 2017, I transferred to Centaur to join an amazing crew on what quickly became the Space Station Centaur. We meet a lot in our own Facebook groups, chat, role-play, talk about science and geeky stuff … I absolutely love it. And I’m really enjoying being Head of Comms and doing the quarterly newsletter, which brings out my creative side."

Head Nurse

LCDR Sarahleigh MacKenizie Richardson (aka Leigh-Ann Tomas)
"The SS Centaur welcomes Sarahleigh as our Head Nurse. All staff must submit to a full physical so if you haven't done so already, please report to Sarahleigh in the sickbay ASAP!"


CRMN Emma Filtness
"My name is Emma and I make a great cuppa. I am half Vulcan, half Betazoid which can cause a lot of issues as you can imagine. I recently transferred in order to embark on this new adventure. I run the Tactical department so if you ever feelthe urge, I more than welcome visitors, it can get a bit lonely in the Tactical bay."

Some reflections from the crew ...

... on how we arrived on the Centaur, what we like about it so far, and what hopes we have for our future ...
"There are many nations of this world but at this time, I find the most wonderful nation is the imagination, there you can escape into a world and or a time of your choosing, where you can be anything and anyone you want to be, away from the world of today where nations are bitching and warring with each other. It's nice to escape to a world where such things don't exist.

I'll be honest, most of my experiences of [organisation name removed for reasons of diplomacy] were crappy, so when the Captain invited me to come aboard the Centaur I was a bit unsure, but I have spoken with Captain in the past and known her to be kind, cheery and of good heart so I decided I should give Captain, her station and her crew a shot so here I am. So far I am happy to report my experiences on the Centaur have been wonderful, and I love the company too. I hope we can all become good friends and that friendship will last the longest time, not just in our imaginary/real world on the station but in our real world off the station too."

"Holly asked in the woman's expat group is anyone else liked Star Trek and next thing you know my shuttle is docked at the station!"

"Joined the Star Trek community after a lifetime following the series on the TV. My interest is in understanding and applying the fictional Romulan Artificial Gravity Well through the abstract math of magic square constant sharing. Looking forward to making a concerted effort to complete experiments and prototype during my secondment."

"I'll do this in Rhyme,
It won't take long
But I want to feel
like I belong.

To prance about
like a ten-year-old,
To roleplay in
the stories I'm told.

To be in a place,
Where fun never ends
And to also be with
likeminded friends.

Roddenberry's dream ...
he said to explore,
I'm sure this will happen
abord the Centaur.

"There is a special bond with the right crew that we all feel when we watch Star Trek. We see it in the characters, no matter their differences ... like Spock and McCoy who are such opposites but have one of the closest bonds in all of the stories. It's nice to know we're all here for each other.  I see the creativity and goodnatured spirit of our crew and I can see it overflowing into our real world as well as the world of imagination we create. We are a beacon for creative minds, inquisitive minds, and most of all diversity and acceptance. That is what the Centaur is for me.‟

I like spaceships.

"The general ethos of this space station is fun."